Welcome To QuickPayNet The Electronic Portal For Claims Advantage Workers Comp & Simplicity Health Plans

What is QuickPayNet? It is an innovative network using the best Internet technology and software programming to instantly adjudicate and pay medical claims for employers. This software can track and pay medical claims quickly for workers comp or if group health from employees' HSA, HRA and other accounts.

Why Should I Use QuickPayNet

QuickPayNet is all about adding value and efficiency to administrating Workers Comp or Group Health claims. All the data show that about 31% of the 2 trillion dollars spent in the US Healthcare System is for administration of claims. I don't have to tell you that medical billing is a nightmare. It eats away at your bottom line and your nerves. QuickPayNet eliminates 95% of the cost of claim filing and processing. How? QuickPayNet uses technology to leap over the current systems gross inefficiencies. Using the Web you securely and simply file a claim on line in less than 45 seconds or upload your practice management electronic bill file. Whether it's a work comp bill or a group health bill QuickPayNet is the interface that processes the bills electronically to our Claims Advantage software. Bills submitted on-line are clinically edited and re-priced immediately for the payors. Any payor can take advantage of connecting directly to Claims Advantage and use QuickPayNet for their electronic claims submission.

How Can I Save Time & Money?

Sign up your practice and its providers on-line. It's easy. Then when you see a patient with a QuickPayNet card, just enter your bill on the Internet at this site using their policy information or work comp info. Everything else is automatic. All the paperwork is eliminated. You can see or print your EOB right on-line. All communication between parties is paperless. You can even securely upload your written reports concerning procedures.

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Logging In For The First Time

If you are an individual medical provider, a medical group, hospital or medical vendor logging in for the first time you will be asked for information concerning your practice, its locations and the providers' information associated with the Pay To address and their Federal Identification Numbers. You will need a valid email address and your license numbers.

You must have this information in order to continue to the Menu titled Enter/Update Practice Information. Providers if you wish for direct deposit to your Pay To account (Account for IRS reporting) you will need your bank routing and account numbers, otherwise your check will be delayed by regular mail.
All of your transactions and data are secure.